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Security and Data protection

We keep your personal information private.

You share all kinds of personal data with us. For example when you visit our website or when you email us. We treat your personal data as confidential and would like to inform you clearly about it.
In our Data protection declaration we explain the purpose of the use of your personal data, how we treat it and which rights you have. We lay out your rights in this matter, who has access to your data and for how long we keep your data saved.

The data we need and for which purpose is described below.

This privacy policy was last modified on May 24, 2018.

You want to know more?

What are the 'legal grounds' for the use of your personal data?

According to privacy legislation, we must explain which 'legal grounds' we have to process your data.

We need your personal data for possible contractual agreements between you / your company and Checkline Europe, such as quotations /offers, your purchase of a product or a guarantee service. This applies to:
    • Offers
    • Order & pre-order
    • Delivery / Shipping
    • Repairs / calibrations
    • Return
    • Contact with our sales
    • Contact with our customer service

Furthermore, we can use your data for 'legitimate interest'. This means that our intention is to provide all our customers with the best possible personalized service. Herein we always take into consideration the protection of your privacy. This applies to:

    • Customer satisfaction queries
    • Contact with our customer service
    • Visit to the Checkline website
    • Accounts
    • News / Offers & emails

We may also have a legal obligation to use your data, as for example when suspecting a fraud. It may also be that you have given us permission for the use of your data while registering for the newsletter.

Who has access to your data?
Your (only relevant) data will only be passed on to other parties if really necessary. It concerns the following parties: Shipment companies, Suppliers or Repairers, Payers, IT service providers.

For example:
When shipment companies have to deliver your order to the correct address some documents adherent to this delivery are registered.

In suspicious situations we are obliged to share client data with government agencies.
The parties who receive your information from us may only use it in order to provide you with a service on behalf of Checkline Europe B.V.

Some cookie developers have access to the data that cookies collect on our website. You can read more about this in our cookie statement and the privacy policy of these parties. We will never sell your information to third parties.

Where is your data stored?
We store your data in different databases. We always apply strict security measures. Your data will nearly always be stored within the European Union. In the exceptional case that customer data is transferred to countries outside the European Union, we ensure that your privacy is protected in an appropriate manner. This has been officially established for a number of countries. Some American parties have registered under the Privacy Shield that offers adequate protection. We also work with official model contracts that have been specially written to guarantee your privacy.

How is your data stored?
We do not process/ store your data for longer than absolutely needed. Then we proceed to the deletion of all of your personal data.
We keep certain mandatory deadlines, after which we delete your data, such as: 

   • We remove inactive client accounts after 15 years. After this time period we only use your data anonymously, for internal report purposes only.
    • Tax authorities require that we keep your invoices, payment records and order data for 15 years. After this period, we only use your data anonymously, for internal reporting purposes.
    • When you have your product repaired or replaced by Checkline Europe, we will keep your notification and contact details for 15 years. After that, we only use your data anonymously, for internal reports.
    • When you have registered for the newsletter or have given permission for receiving personalized messages, we will retain this permission for 15 years. Even if you decide at a certain point that you no longer wish to receive the newsletter or personalized messages.
    • We retain data that we use to prevent fraud, if necessary.

What are your rights?
Do you want to have free access to your saved personal data and receive a copy? Or do you want to change, delete, restrict use, or adjust your email preferences? No problem. You can do this yourself under MY ACCOUNT / SETTINGS. Or you can let us know by mail or email. This way you can also object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes or indicate that you reckon that your privacy outweighs our interest. In this case we will review the situation.
You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter via MY ACCOUNT / SETTINGS or via the link at the bottom of the newsletter. You no longer want cookies? You can also set this up yourself. Please read our cookie statement for further instructions on how to do this.
We want to make sure that you are really you. Therefore, we may request additional information from you to establish your identity. We also do this with unclear requests.

Do you have questions or complaints?
For questions or complaints about your data and the protection of your privacy, please contact Checkline Europe BV.
Post: Checkline Europe B.V. Dennenweg 225B, 7545 WE Enschede, Subject: Privacy

If you are not satisfied with how Checkline Europe handles your privacy, you can contact the privacy authority.

Who is responsible for your data?
We are Checkline Europe B.V.
Chamber of Commerce number: 52852741
VAT identification number: NL850630721B01
You can reach us:
Call: +31 (0) 53-4356060
Writing: Dennenweg 225B, 7545 WE Enschede

Saved personal data
We need your personal data for various cases, as for example for being able to process your purchase request when you buy a product online. Or when we want to send you an invoice / offer / purchase order following a product request or order.
What do we want to know about you?

Company name, title , first and last name
Required for an order / quote / payment / invoice / repair with your account.

Address, place of residence and delivery address
We also indicate your address and place of residence on the order / quote / payment / invoice / repair documents. Invoices cannot be subsequently amended .

Phone numbers
We use your telephone number (s) to be able to contact you for information on your order or on the stock situation. Is something unclear? Then we'll call you. We won’t call you for any non-order related issues.

We store your password in secret code. We cannot see what your password looks like. The computer code checks if your password is correct when you log in.

VAT number
For business deliveries in NL / EU / Worldwide we need this number.

You can also enter the name of your website when you register. Then we are also able to find you on the internet.

You can also specify a department when you register.

Extra comment on sending / registration
If you have certain wishes / requests / characteristics, this can be specified at registration / shipping.

Payment details and invoice
We use a secure payment environment. When you pay with iDeal / Credit Card or via wire transfer, the data is stored in our administration to link the payment to your order. Furthermore, we only use your bank account number when you get reimbursed.
When you pay with a credit card, we send your credit card details directly to Mollie from our secure environment. They carry out our credit card payments. We do not see your credit card details. Mollie only tells us whether your payment has been successful and gives us a reference and the payment type, but no credit card numbers.
Our invoice contains the following information: your company name, title, first and last name, location, delivery address and place of residence, invoice number, customer number, order number and VAT number. Invoices cannot be subsequently amended .

IP address
On the internet we look at your IP address. By remembering the IP addresses of our visitors, we can offer an easy and safe shopping experience to all our customers.

Email address
You will receive an email about your order or invoice. If you want to receive the invoice / invoice at another email address, you can also submit it.

Serial numbers / product name
We record the serial number of our products in our administration. These numbers are also on the packing slip. These are useful identification numbers for any warranties and repairs / or renewed certification.
With a service request we ask for the serial number and the product name and a short description of the request.

Order number
So that we can find what you have ordered from us and it is often linked to your order / receipt.

With a feedback number we register your feedback about our services when you leave it.
We save the date / time and name / company, email, score and any comment you have entered.

On our contact form, you can provide a subject in addition to company / name / email / phone so that we can identify the type of your request.

We want our website to work as good as possible and work  continuously on its improvement. That is why we measure the behavior of our visitors on our website through cookies. With cookies, we and third parties, monitor your internet behavior on our website. For example, we measure viewing pages, zooming in on products or clicking links. Of course we always treat your data correctly.
Want to know more about cookies or settings? View our cookie page.

Sometimes we have to use customer data to investigate, prevent and counter fraud. This is in the interest of Checkline Europe and all our customers.

Questions and feedback
We regularly check whether we comply with this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us:

Checkline Europe B.V.
Dennenweg 225 B
NL-7545 WE, Enschede
Países Bajos
+31 (0)53 8200245

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